Brunch Time!

A Christmas Date
December 30, 2016
A Week in Instagram Outfits
January 16, 2017

blanket scarf (similar here) | green sweater (similar here)| brunch hat (similar here) | HUE denim legging  | Timberland heeled bootie | Lip liner in Snob | coffee mug | COACH handbag (similar here) | (and here)


Happy 2017 everyone!!!!  It’s crazy how fast 2016 went by, but I am just excited to cherish the new year!!  I took these pictures when there was actually snow on the ground last week!  We had some days go by where it got up to 40 degrees which is crazy for Michigan; but with the snow gone it’s now just dead grass….which isn’t pretty!! Thankfully it started to snow again, but with that came uber cold temperatures which I hate!

I love this handmade blanket scarf I picked up and I especially love the pink!  There is just something about pastels in the winter that make me go crazy!  I’ve also have had super dry lips lately, cause all I wear is lip liner, so this Lanegie lip mask has been saving my life in the Michigan cold!!!!  The lip mask is also pink which makes me happy! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and have a happy 2017! xoxo


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