Transitional Mauve Shades….

Valentines Day Excitement….
January 22, 2017
Polka Dot Lovin :)
February 6, 2017

Gray booties (also here) | HUE Leggings | Mauve Spring Jacket (also here) (and here) | Mauve Tank Top (similar here) | NYX Lip liner | Cross Necklace |

Mauve shades like these are perfect for bringing your wardrobe from the Winter season into Spring.  I love how warm this raincoat is!  It’s perfect for the Winter season, while looking super springy! 🙂  The best thing about it is I could wear it to: class, the mall, and walking around downtown.  it’s been my favorite go-to outfit lately!  🙂  Happy almost Spring XOXO




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