Polka Dot Lovin :)

Transitional Mauve Shades….
January 28, 2017
Class Gear…
February 12, 2017


Similar Gucci Handbag (I just bought this one from Amazon!!!) | Faux Fur Ball | My Favorite Pink Chocker | Similar Style Dress Coat | HUE Leggings | Booties | Liquid Lipstick in Committed (on sale!) | Lipliner in Twiny |

When I saw this blouse I just about died!!! It reminds me of what the Chanel’s wear in Scream Queens!  Sadly, I could not find it anywhere that I could link it to.  I just realized yesterday I didn’t buy Thomas a Valentines day gift yet!!  So, to any of you ladies who need help out there this page and this page really helped me, and this page would be really good Valentines day shopping for women 🙂 Hope you like this post and you should check out the handbag I linked.  I just bought it from Amazon and you should too 😉 XOXO Lizzie


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