Pinstripes and Puppies…..

Pink X Diamonds
March 9, 2017
French Ruffle Vibes…..
March 14, 2017

Purple Faux Leather Jacket: JOU JOU (couldn’t find a similar color, but this is the same jacket in black!) | Pinstriped Top: here (I also just bought this one which will be up on my Insta soon if the Michigan weather agrees with me!! | Pink Jean Leggings: Levi’s | Sandals:  Steve Madden (similar here) | Lippies:  NYX in Cannes |

Hi my lovelies 🙂  I am so, so happy that I posted Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday like I said I was going to on my Instagram!!!!   I am 100% going to keep this routine up and I love that you all love it too! 🙂 This is one of my favorite spring outfits because of how colorful yet mature it is 🙂  As always…..Ollie and his safari jacket adds a nice touch as well. 😉  I hope you all love this outfit as much as I do also all the outfit details are linked above 🙂  Have a great week everything XOXO Lizzie


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