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What you need in your Closet this Summer…..
April 27, 2017
Floral Fun…..
May 2, 2017

A huge Insta roundup featuring the perfect outfit for every occasion! I told you guys how I wore each of these outfits under each of them and then linked up all the details as well! I hope this helps you all when searching for that perfect summer outfit! Please comment below if you like this idea! XOXO Lizzie and hope you enjoy reading….. and shopping!!! 🙂  There are 15 outfits in total!

Also thank you for stopping by loves!

 | Lace Halter Top *so beautiful on!! (Nordstrom similar here)| Coffee Mug (The CUTEST ones I am loving here, here *bought this last Christmas for Thomas, and here) | Jeans (Nordstrom similar here) |

*Also just found this water bottle! Took me a second to get it though LOL

It was just one of those I drank a whole pot of coffee days….. so after my 8th cup 🙂 I wore this outfit out to a friends baseball game!

| Watercolor Floral Dress *sold out but super similar here and here, a more form fitting similar here, 1 maxi version here, 2 maxi version here *just purchased this one! | Heels *old (super similar here in black and tan)|

My Easter dress this year!  I bought mine in February, some may say I was excited, but I tired really hard to find some super similar ones that I would totally wear to brunch or to a vacation diner!

| Pink Top (Nordstrom similar here) | White jeans *ON SALE!! (Forever 21 similar here) | Everyday Heels *old (super similar here) |

I wore this look a couple days ago to a Whole Foods run!  Maybe this is just me but when I run errands I like  to snack a lot and this slightly baggy pink top really helps me after two soy lattes and a bubble green tea!

| My Fave Ping Pong Top |  Jeans (Nordstrom similar here) | Wedges *sold out (Nordstrom similar here and here) | Choker |

This outfit was perfect for brunch with my girls!  The jeans are like super good quality and stretchy!  This was my first time buying jeans form Forever 21 and OMG will I be a repeat customer.  They seriously fit so perfectly.  I did order up a size up in this top though and I regret that so order your size!  That’s why it may look a little baggy on me around my mid section… but if you like that look go for it! 🙂

 | Jean Jacket |Velvet Leggings | Sneakers (Nordstrom super similar here) | Ladder Top |

Wore this a couple days ago to a spa outing. 🙂 Love that the leggings are stretchy so it’s easy to take on and off for a spa day or really any day you just want to be comfy in! 🙂 We got like picnic food afterwards, lol, so it was nice to snuggle up in this outfit for that too! 🙂

 | Lace Halter Top *so beautiful on!! | Jeans (Nordstrom similar here) | Color Block Heels in hot pink|

Love this outfit, especially the Halter Top,  I wore it to a baseball game and to coffee with friends!

Beauty and the Beast Hat *Fave!!! | White jeans *ON SALE!! (Forever 21 similar here) | Everyday Heels *old (super similar here) | White Blouse *sold out (similar here and similar here) |

 | My Fave NYX Mate Lips in Manilia | My Fave highlight/contour/eye shadow pallet here *under $20 AMAZING quality! | NYX concealer in Fair and Porcelain mixed *I like a really bright highlight. | NYX liquid eye liner | ABH Brow Pomade in Taupe | ABH Brow Brush | NYX HD Primer | Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation in 3.5 *light with yellow undertones | NYX Double Mascara | Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream *literally the bomb! Also available in a smaller size too! I swear by this cream. |

*all makeup linked is cruelty free as always.

Love this makeup and this outfit! 🙂 It was one of the first super summer sunny days in Michigan when I wore this date night outfit so that’s why it’s all white – I just got really excited for summer! 🙂 But, as you probably all know, this is my favorite hat and it’s less than $15 and it’s really good quality because it’s Disney so definitely go and check it out!

|Blue Gingham Top *sold out (similar  herehere, and here) | Live in Leggings in navy |

Also from another warm day in Michigan – I wore this when drinking cold brews on the porch!  There was simply nothing better than listening to music, drinking coffee, and wearing this cute gingham top while on the porch! 🙂

 | Blouse *on sale! (Nordstrom similar here and here) | Choker | Velvet Leggings  | Everyday Heels *old (super similar here in truffle) | Clutch *old (similar here and here) |

Date night attire to an escape room, seriously they are so much fun, and then to diner!

|Pink Kimono/Maxi Dress (blue similar style here) | Black Bodysuit | Cup*old (similar ones here and here that I love) |  White jeans *ON SALE!! (Forever 21 similar here) | Everyday Heels *old (super similar here) |

The perfect outfit for a family shopping day! This kimono can also be worn as a maxi dress as well and I linked to one that comes in blue!

Floral Blouse (similar here and here) | Jeans (Nordstrom similar here) | Wedges *sold out (Nordstrom similar here and here) |

The perfect art museum outfit! 🙂 Cute and comfortable!

Pink Pinstripes Top (similar here and here) | Jeans (Nordstrom similar here) | Wedges *sold out (Nordstrom similar here and here) | Choker |

Brunch date attire; – if you check my Insta stories you would know I go out to eat with my friends like everyday….. so flattering and cute clothes are a must in my closet!!! 🙂

| White Blouse: exact here*almost sold out (Nordstrom similar here, here, and here) | Jeans: exact here *stretchy and GREAT QUALITY! | Booties: exact here *GREAT QUALITY too!  |

Sushi outing outfit feels! 🙂 Everything about this outfit is just so wearable – to really anything!

| Blue double layer tank (Nordstrom similar here) | Floral Kimono (Nordstrom similar here) | White jeans (Forever 21 similar here) | Green Wedges *sold out ((Nordstrom similar here and here) | David Yurman ring in Citrine |

The perfect outfit for all the flower festivals going on right now! 🙂 We are going to one next week, I believe, and I am literally counting down the days!  I know so many people who have gone and I am just so excited to add that to my scrapbook and Insta! 🙂

| Blouse (Forever 21 similar here and here & Nordstrom similar here and here) | White jeans *ON SALE!! (Forever 21 similar here) | Wedges *sold out (Nordstrom similar here and here) | David Yurman ring in Citrine *not under $150 🙁 | Crossbody Handbag I’m loving which would look perfect with this outfit | My Fave NYX Mate Lips in Manilia | My Fave highlight/contour/eye shadow pallet here *under $20 AMAZING quality! | *all makeup linked is cruelty free as always.

Wore this the other day to a local restaurant crawl!  It’s where all the local restaurants in town sell their best sellers in small quantities so you can get a bite of every restaurant in town!  Love how this top is a flattering baggy!  These shoes are also my jam at the moment they are so comfortable and cute!

Hope you all loved this Insta roundup!  I apologize for not getting it up yesterday like i said I was going to.

🙁  Thank you for stopping by my lovelies XOXO Lizzie


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