37 Fun Summer Date Ideas I Know I’m Doing…..

The Annual Tulip Festival…..
May 14, 2017
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May 21, 2017

Hello my lovelies! Below I added some of my favorite summer dates that I LOVE doing in the summer time! I put in some of my favorite pictures from dates too!  I hope you enjoy this post and comment below your favorite date idea or any summer date ideas you have to share!

Thanks for stopping by my loves and I hope this post helps you when you can’t figure out a summer date to go on! 🙂 XOXO Lizzie

1) Go grab coffee together at a new local place – or Starbucks!

2)Volunteer together! I really like to volunteer at the humane society in our area; – all we really do is play with the puppies and kitties so it never disappoints!

3)Go to a botanical garden!

4) Explore a new city!

5)Have a bonfire with s’mores and friends!

6)Go see a local play together that the community theater is putting on!

7)Have a store competition and see who can buy the best items for the other person!

8)Go on a spontaneous road trip and see where you end up!

9)Ask your parents what they did for fun when they were your age and see if it is still hip! 😉  Disclaimer: they may get very into the question if you ask and not stop talking.

10)Make a list of your own date ideas together….. or separately and then combine them for pre-planned date ideas!

11)Make a date jar together and when there is nothing to do randomly pick out an idea! If you are on a budget make multiple date jars with different price ranges on them!

12)Catch fireflies together and them let them go! 🙂

13)Brunch together…. or just drink wine together and binge watch Netflix! 😉

14)One of my favorite dates….. kayaking!

15)Play mini golf together!

16)Go to a local festival like the Tulip Festival!

17)Watch the sun set and then stargaze at night!

18)Search for the top cities in your area and visit them!

19)Sleep in and play hooky!

20)Food Crawl!  If you don’t know what a food crawl is it’s: drinks, appetizers, entrees, desert, and coffee all at different places.

21)Another one of my fave dates….. go golfing/to the driving range together! If you don’t like golf try the batting cages or the shooting range!

22)Grab take out apps, drinks, entrees, desserts, or all four from different places and talk all night without any electronics!

23)Go to the zoo/nature center! Be sure to look up the zoo before attending to make sure they take proper care of the animals.

24)Go to the beach and do a beach activity together like tubing or building sand castles!

25)My fave….. go shopping together!  Couples who shop together stay together….. 😉

26)Cook together and then take the food on a picnic!

27)Go to a day spa together! Or just get a few spa things done together like your nails!

Thomas’ Date Night Picks *guy approved!

1) Beer tasting/brewery visit!

2)Have a picnic in a park!

3)Spa day!

4)Explore a state park or a beach!

5)Horse back riding!

6)Go to the shooting range!

7)Have a bike race together!

8)Go stargazing together

9)Vineyard tour

10)Visit an art museum together!

I really hope you liked this post loves because I have so much fun writing it!  Comment below your favorite summer date idea for me to try or your favorite one from this list! 🙂  Also let me know if you liked this post!

XOXO Lizzie and as always thanks for stopping by! 🙂








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