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Major Fall Cravings…..
August 26, 2017
Shop My Hand Picked SHOPBOP Sale Picks……
September 27, 2017

Hi my loves!! 🙂  I have been trying to come up with new ideas for blog posts and while shopping today I saw A TON!!!!! of items directly from my closet that were on sale!  I mean who doesn’t love sale items?! LOL 🙂 So if you want to see my on sale picks directly from my closet please keep reading 🙂  I will also give a brief rundown of sizing, fit, and quality 🙂 Also one more thing!  So if y’all have any recommendations for future blog posts please comment down below! 🙂 XOXO

So the first item is my sweater!  If fits true to size and is a little baggy.  Loves it is literally so comfortable and amazing quality like I was so surprised when I saw this on sale for $27! It comes in two colors as well.

| blue velvet feeling sweater |

My red sweater is also on sale and for $29!  It fits true to size and would look super cute for school looks to wear over a tank – or tank top dress like I am wearing it over! The quality is good – $29 is a good price for it! It also comes in black.

| BP red sweater |

The next items are my Lush tank and my BP flower cardigan!  I love the quality of both – the flower cardigan does wrinkle easily, but nothing a steamer can’t fix!  I also wear mine crinkled sometimes LOL because I just think it looks cute with a little added texture.  For sizing I would say the cardigan fits true to size, however if you are busty, or want wear a push up bra, I would grab a size up.  If you can see in the picture I didn’t grab a size up and it’s pulling only the slightest! LOL

| Lush tank (comes in a couple colors and $21) | BP flower cardigan ($32) |

My fave Leith dress is on sale for $41!  This looks killer with over the knee boots loves – whenever I wear it out (which is all the time LOL) I get so many complements on it!  It comes in my red color and a pretty floral pink print.  I love this dress because it’s a little sexy with the boots or could be worn to church or a family gathering with flats.  The quality is great (Leith never disappoints!) and the sizing is true to size!

| Leith dress | I will also link the boots here because I get tons of questions on them!  They are not on sale though. |

My fave Moon River top is also on sale!  It fits true to size is super good quality and is super flattering! 🙂 I wear it all the time to the store and to my friends and I mean really to do anything in!

| Moon River blouse  |

Next is my Love by Design sweater!  This is just such a staple in my opinion.  It is a little baggy, yet a little cropped, to flatter any body type and has the oversized sleeves which are super in this season but are not like overboard!  I love the quality of this sweater and I actually have it in every color. 🙂 It’s on sale for $32 and comes in 3 colors – The sizing is true to size.

| Love by Design sweater |

Next is my $47 BP ruffle jacket! I love this jacket! It’s a staple for the fall and I just love the ruffle embellishments on the back and sleeves!  I would say to order a size up if you usually buy your jackets a size up because it has little stretch.  I ordered a size up and don’t regret it.  The quality is also amazing! I am super surprised this is on sale.

| BP ruffle jacket |

Last but not least are my Jeffery Campbell lace up booties!  Love these!  I actually just bought them so I’m mad they weren’t on sale when I bought them LOL!  They are super comfortable and a must have for a fall statement shoe.  Sizing is true to size.

| Jeffery Campbell lace up booties |


Thank-you all so much for reading and stopping by and please comment below what you think my next blog post should be! 🙂 XOXO Lizzie and I hope you all that are in school are enjoying the new school year! 🙂



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