Lizzie Peters

Hi, i’m Lizzie, creator of: Lizzie’s Journey.  Lizzie’s Journey is a personal outlet where I can show my style while inspiring others to create beautiful looks.  My style has always been a confidence booster for me ever since I was in fifth grade.  I found my style in the various high-end fashion magazines I would read.  Sadly, I could not afford any of those looks.  I then turned to my memory of the “price upon request” fashion, I would read about, while in the stores I could afford.  If only blogging was around when I was eleven!  Now, being twenty-one, I want to be that affordable “high end magazine” for people.

I started my blog, although not a blog ;), while in my freshman year of college.  Then it was just a completely raw, full length, mirror photo taken in my messy dorm room!  Since then, my two-second picture taking hobby has turned into something I could have never imagined; – a professional blog.  I want to keep inspiring people everywhere that having confidence in your appearance can change the way you, and the world, views you!

I’m Lizzie Peters, just a small town girl from Brighton Michigan, and thankfully to all of you I am able to keep on inspiring people and living my dream!  Thank you! 🙂


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